Industry & Services

Contract To Hire

Our time tested strategy that allow the employers to get their hands on the right individual in a short time for their organization. We make sure the requisite candidate meet the skill set and experience of the role required to be filled. Not just the credentials but candidate should conform to the vision and objectives of the company as well. It benefits companies in more than one way by avoiding the bad hire, reduced administrative burden, flexibility in hiring among other benefits.

Remote staffing

Companies especially related to the IT industry are when unable to fill temporary positions locally, they go for freelancers. However, when freelancer cannot deliver the required trust and coordination, then need arises for a remote team. Our robust screening and pre-filtering means that we deliver the best remote resources market has to offer. Moreover, we also assign manager to your remote teams and partake the risk of delivery. This results in cost and time saving for the company and opens up company’s required roles to the best talent available.

Talent delivery

Hiring for entry level positions is an easy job. However, hiring for mid and senior level technical positons with the unique skills and rare experience is something arduous to look for. We at GPS take pride in connecting businesses with resources high on necessary skills and experience from a niche talent pool and a trusted global network. We do this by looking beyond candidates resume to his digital activity and verified past records.